What's this whole thing about?

The electronic jigsaw seeks to understand how drawing and short voice clips might encourage people to share their aspirations for their local area.

The technology compromises of a traditional wooden jigsaw, lots of pens, and a Raspberry Pi (a credit card-sized computer. The pieces were identified using an RFID tag (a technology which allows an object to be identified, seen in new contactless credit cards) embedded within the puzzle piece, which allowed audio clips to be associated with a puzzle piece).

In our first case study, children were encouraged to draw their visions of Newcastle on the pieces, and then explain their vision through talking about them. In a second case study, we will use a metro car, with swappable parts; allowing people to replace parts of the current metro car with their own designs, and explain them in more detail through an audio clip.

The design and code is available for anyone to download and make their own electronic puzzle.



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